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Tonight's Gonna Be.....

"I've Been Everywhere"


Hello! My name is Tim, better known in the music industry as DJ T-Wolf. Got the name from the Legendary DJ Wolfman Jack back in the day. It's the voice! Obviously you're looking for a DJ. It's like school when you think about it. Stop, look, listen.

Stop. You want a professional, fun, most importantly, reliable service who will work with you for whatever you require. I am employed by you, so anything you want, you got! Don't worry, I do not send other people to DJ for me.

Look. Read my reviews and testimonials from past events I've had the honor to DJ. Every event is different, it makes it a fun challenge! From a Grand March Entrance to Super Mario Brothers Theme, to a Roarin' 20's song, let's do it! I'm also asked if potential clients can see what I do. I don't mind, but showing up to a wedding reception when not invited can be goofy if noticed, so be discreet. Wedding Crashers! LOL.

Listen. There's a difference between every DJ. I am no exception. However, most services fade their music. When the song is done, start another. I do what is called mixing. Mixing takes the songs and morphs them together to make an interesting loop, if you will. I was cautious at first, but the difference is phenomenal. It is very ear catching too. I still practice at home when not doing gigs. It's fun! As far as sound is concerned, I have strived to provide the best sounding equipment possible. I use powered subwoofers and satellite speakers, so any venue large or small can be comfortably overed without being overwheming as well. However, if you want a rock concert, I advise you bring earplugs!


Thanks for looking! Any further questions, or to book, click the "Book Me" link!



Whatever you're doing, do it right, do it safe, always do it rockin' on!!!!!